Contract Signed for Samsun-Kalin Railway

The contract is signed for renewal and signalization project of Samsun-Kalin railway yesterday.

The project is told to be the biggest project funded by EU out of EU area. Celikler-Gulermak-AZD is the contractor of the project.

During the project, the first phase and second phase will be kept closed one after the other each for one year. With the assumption project starts today and tender terms followed, construction works are expected to be completed by Feb 2018. But end of 2017 is announced as completion date in the ceremony.

Route Section Samsun-Kalin (372 km)
Blockage Details Nov 15-Oct 16: Samsun-Kizilca closed.
Nov 16-Oct 17: Samsun-Kizilca 5 days closed, 2 days open. Kizilca-Kalin closed.
Nov 17-Feb 18: Samsun-Kalin 5 days closed, 2 days open.
Start Date July 2015
Latest Projected Opening Date Feb 2018
Reason for Blockage Renewal and signalization
Affected Train Services All trains running on full strecth will stop (including Samsun-Sivas regional train)
Partial usage of stretch will be possible (Samsun-Amasya and Amasya-Havza regional trains) during some periods
Map Samsun Kalin Railway
More to Read No Trains to Samsun for 2 Years

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