Construction Works on Ulukisla-Yenice Railway

Electrification works continue on two different sections of Ulukisla-Yenice railway in parallel. Both are expected to be completed within this month.

Between those two sections, there’s another work for constructing walls on 15-km-long Ciftehan-Pozanti section. This is also expected to be completed on the same date.

Route Section Ulukisla-Gumus (13 km)
Hacikiri-Karaisali (9 km)
Blockage Details Ulukisla-Gumus closed between 08:00-17:00
Hacikiri-Karaisali closed between 12:00-17:00
Start Date 15.01.2015
Latest Projected Opening Date 15.07.2015
Reason for Blockage Electrification
Affected Train Services Freight trains run when line is open
Map  Ulukisla Karaisali Railway

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