Construction Works on Adana-Osmaniye Railway

Construction works continue on two different sections of railway. Electrification works between Yakapinar and Ceyhan is expected to be completed within this month.

Track renewal is being done between Osmaniye and Mamure, and will be completed by the end of August.

Route Section Yakapinar-Ceyhan (21 km)
Osmaniye-Mamure (9 km)
Blockage Details Yakapinar-Ceyhan is closed between 08:00-17:00
Osmaniye-Mamure is closed between 12:00-17:00
Start Date 23.02.2015
Latest Projected Opening Date 23.08.2015
Reason for Blockage Electrification and track renewal
Affected Train Services Freight trains run when line is open.
Timetable of Fırat Express slightly changed.
Map  Adana Osmaniye Railway

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