Zonguldak – Irmak Railway Construction Works

First phase of 415-km-long Zonguldak-Irmak railway works, Zonguldak-Filyos-Karabuk section, will be completed by the end of this month.

Second phase, Karabuk-Irmak will be completed by the end of this year.

Construction works include renewal of the rails and level crossings. The line will be ready for 120 km/h speed with ERTMS and ETCS Level 1 systems. The platforms in Cankiri, Karabuk, Ulku, Balikisik and Yesilyenice are beign extended.

The total cost of projects is € 227mn, most of which is funded by EU. Contractor of the project is Yapi Merkezi leaded consortium.

Route Section Zonguldak-Karabuk-Cankiri-Irmak (415 km)
Blockage Details Zonguldak-Filyos closed between 09:00-16:30
Filyos-Karabuk closed between 08:00-18:00
Ulku-Cankiri closed between 08:00-20:00
Cankiri-Irmak 5 days closed, 2 days open
Start Date 15.04.2014
Latest Projected Opening Date 31.12.2015
Reason for Blockage Track renewal and signalization
Affected Train Services Zonguldak-Filyos regional express runs in the morning and evening.
Karaelmas Express suspended.
Freight trains run when open.
Map  Zonguldak Cankiri Irmak Railway

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